Frequently Asked Questions

Pattern Imprinted Concrete FAQ’s

We have compiled some of our most frequently asked questions to help answer the most common questions or concerns we receive regarding the installation of your new driveway or patio.

The average driveway generally takes around a week to install. We would normally complete preparation work in two days. Day three sees the Pouring, Colouring and Printing of the concrete drive or patio take place. A curing period of at least seven days. Then finally a coat of protective sealant is applied.

As far as is needed for the conditions of use. Usually between 6-8” of which 4” is for the concrete.

Normally, yes. However, the process can be slowed down by cold weather conditions as the concrete may take longer to harden properly. We may recommend if the conditions are 5 Celsius or under or if damp or frosty conditions are experienced that the processes are delayed. It may take the ground longer to reach the correct temperature to carry out appropriate procedures if there has been a heavy frost. The air temperature can be radically different from the ground temperature. We willl always keep you informed of anything affecting your installation.

We normally endeavor to start work within 14 days unless otherwise agreed. However this can vary according to the time of year and weather conditions.

We do have customers on our our maintenance plan who are not always at home when we call to treat their driveways. All our vehicles and operatives are self sufficient so we can carry out the treatment as long as we have access to the driveway and an outside tap. You may wish to be in when we call to treat or install your driveway and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

On the day the concrete is poured, it can be dusty especially if it is windy. The following day however, a power washer will be used to clean everything down.

Yes. All earth, paving or old concrete is removed and placed directly into the skip. We will then remove it's contents every 1-2 days.

All rubbish in connection with the driveway installation will be removed by Darley Driveways.

Our equipment is powered by a diesel generated motor. However, we do require a cold water supply. If a garden tap is available, that will suit our purpose just fine.

We quite simply replace the manhole covers with new infill covers. These are then filled with Pattern Imprinted Concrete. The manhole will then be disguised, therefore enhancing your installation further.

There is always the risk of cracking, however, the risk is minimised by the use of crack control joints. If a crack does develop it is almost always barely visible. The air entrainment used, in the concrete mix, prevents the crack getting deeper or wider. The colours do not fade. If it appears as if they have, it means it is time for it to be re-sealed.

Concrete is the strongest product that can be used and is guaranteed to a minimum of 30 Newton’s, which is the same strength as used on motorways. All installation use concrete reinforced with fibre-mesh and air entailers for frost protection.

Depending on wear and tear between 2-4 years. If you do not want to get it sealed again it is not necessary but it will become dull looking. A new coat of sealer brings it back to life.

The pattern is a permanent feature of the driveway and will last for as long as the driveway remains.

Generally between 24 – 48 hours for pedestrian traffic, 6 days for cars (weather permitting), and 48-days for heavy goods vehicles. We will maintain foot access to your home at all times.

For most spillages including oil, something like washing up liquid is fine. However for paint or cement, we are able to supply suitable chemical cleaners, as long as the spillage is not too bad. Please feel free to contact us.

Once the driveway is sealed, moss cannot grow on our resin based sealant, and unlike blocked driveways grass cannot grow through it. When Pattern Imprinted Concrete is laid correctly, weed growth should also be eliminated.

The sealers we use are specially manufactured to minimise slipping, as they protect you against lichen and moss. We offer anti-skid solution which will give you the added protection.

Yes. Don’t apply salt to your driveway in icy conditions.

We give a 10 year structural guarantee on all our work, however we are confident that the re-inforced concrete will last a lifetime.